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Tail lamp

Model Product Image Dimensions Products
HW128L     12V、LED lights
HW228L 24V、LED lights
HW428L 48V、LED lights
HW128D 12V、Bulb
HW228D 24V、Bulb
HW428D 48V、Bulb
Tail internally divided down lights (white), night light (red), brake lights (red) and turn the flash (yellow). Reversing lamp is lit when reversing warning lights, night lights when driving at night is lit warning lights, brake lights are illuminated when the brake warning lights, turn the flash is lit when turning the steering warning light. Reversing lights, night lights, brake lights are lit, directly controlled by the switch. Shift work is intermittent flashing of the flash, so not only by the switch control, but also adds a flash control flicker. Light source for the rear light LED lights than the light source is much lower Bulb rear light power, so the match can not be universal flasher. LED lights with matching LED flasher, Bulb Bulb match with flasher.


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