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How to choose a car horn

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Speakers, car stereo master is the most important part , just like the human brain, to issue what kind of sound , was controlled by the brain. The speaker is like the human voice, the sound is sweet , it is necessary to see how the voice .

Speaker known speaker , its role is to convert electrical signals into acoustic audio signal to the air surrounding media radiation. Car speaker cone design to the most common, it is limited because the vehicle mounting position , the effective area of ​​the tapered design of the diaphragm can be enlarged as much as possible , and the effective area of ​​the diaphragm determines the low frequency response of the speaker . That is, the tapered design can be installed without the bass and enhance bass.

Accordance with the purposes of the speaker can be divided into four kinds of full-frequency , low, mid and high frequencies. According to the form of energy conversion can be divided into electric, electromagnetic, piezoelectric, electrostatic peace plate , car speakers to electric -based.

That coaxial speakers full-range speakers , it 's low-frequency and high-frequency unit is designed units in the same center line , outside is a low frequency , high frequency inside , but the vocal point in the same physical location. This design eliminates the high frequency sound range due to different LF of drift caused by , but because of high and low is emitted from one point , the larger the distortion tone .

Divide into 2-way speakers and 3-way , 2-way by the tweeter and woofer , 3 divider is coupled with the midrange unit . Because each unit is responsible for a different frequency , the effective frequency range widened , so as to solve the problem of distortion tone . However, because of their daily lives, we hear the sound emitted from one point basically , but different frequencies emitted by the loudspeaker of each unit , the physical location of the installation are different. Thus , the sound will be the drift phenomenon. In addition, the high frequency woofer though responsible for different, but it is bound to the existence of a critical point , so in a different position, issued the same frequency , will produce acoustic interference. To solve these problems , we must help the role of the divider . Divider name suggests, is to separate the different frequencies , and sent to different speaker units. Of course , this is not its function , it should be adjusted according to characteristics of the speaker to reduce the distortion and interference. Impedance: a speaker when a certain operating frequency , the impedance at the input of the measured value , which is an important parameter in the speaker audio system with other components of the match. If this data and power amplifier with a nominal impedance , there will be sound distortion.

Sensitivity ( SPL ) : When the speaker plus 1 W of power when the noise signal in the axial direction at 1 m measured sound pressure level , which is reflected in the performance indicators speaker loudness capability . When the optional speaker , to try to make both sides of the left and right values ​​are consistent ( controlled within ± 1 dB 's ) , otherwise there will be a clear sense of focus . Man that each issue to find a new car audio dealer , you can get new information. Did not think , among the different store recommended product , with the same thing so much. For example, the host inside the Alpine and Sony , as well as the speaker of the MB. Two stores are located in the north and south ends of the city of Beijing , and their manager recommended the same brand , it seems that the market is still in the possession of a certain amount .

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